How to do your Science Fair Project Abstract.

First, take a look at many examples of science fair project abstracts.  Click on the following link to see numerous abstracts from the 2001 California State Science Fair.  California State Science Fair 2001 Abstracts.  There are over 200 project abstracts from middle school and high school students.  These may also give you great ideas for projects.

There are many places on the web where you can learn how to write your project abstract.  Go to a search engine like Google, and search for "writing science fair project abstract".

A website far away  in Montgomery, Maryland is one of the best sites to teach you how to do your own project abstract.  Click on Montgomery Area Science Fairs to learn about project abstracts.

You should now have a good idea of how to complete your science project abstract.   

To review,  there are four main sections of a Science Fair Project Abstract.  They are the Objective or Goal, Method and Materials, Results, and finally Discussion and Conclusions.  The complete abstract should be no longer than about 250 words.  It should always be typed (or word processed).  It is brief and to the point.   Here is your review.

Objective or Goal:  State the objective, goal, purpose or hypothesis upon which the project is based. Example: My objective was to learn if different fertilizers affect the tastes of tomatoes.  When stated as a question it would sound like this, " Do different fertilizers affect the taste of tomatoes?".  Stated as a hypothesis, the statement would sound like this,  "The use of different fertilizers will have an affect on the taste of tomatoes."

Materials and Methods: Indicate the materials, methods, and experimental design used in your project. Briefly describe your experiment or engineering methods.

Results: Summarize the results of your experiment and indicate how they relate to your objective.

Discussions/Conclusions:  Indicate if your results supported your hypothesis or enabled you to attain your objective. Discuss briefly how information from this project expands our knowledge about the category subject.

(Information for this review came from the California State Science Fair website,